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Playing a lesbian badass on a science fiction Western sounds like a great gig but definitely not a long-term one. In Westerns, characters die. But there is at least one actress who doesn't have to worry.

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Audiences fell in love with the infectious leads Wynonna Melanie Scrofano and her sister, Waverly Dominique Provost-Chalkley as they battle evil paranormal spirits in their hometown of Purgatory. Though Waverly had a boyfriend at the time, she broke it off to pursue Haught, who—alongside Wynonna—works hard to bring justice to a city plagued by evil spirits. For many LGBT fans—especially lesbians and bisexual women—seeing a same-sex couple with equal screen-time as their straight counterparts is all-too-rare and incredibly important.

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The actresses' characters have become girlfriends who have their own shipping hashtag among fans— WayHaught. Take a sneak peek at the new season of Syfy's popular Friday night series and ready yourself for a batch of old demons and new monsters for Wynonna Earp to tangle with. When did you realize how popular you were as a couple on the show?

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Franzese opened up about his experience going through gay conversion therapy, how he initially blamed his mother for his sexuality, and how he and his mother grew to not only accept, but celebrate his gay identity. Daniel also discussed how he tries to use his stand-up comedy to bring people together and how Mean Girls helped him decide to become more outspoken about his sexuality. For hot topics, Jessie and Tracy also discuss The Predator's sexual predator, the recently released historical queer film Lizzie, and the State Department discouraging transgender travelers. Gilchrist and Jessie Earl.

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In this day and age, in this, the darkest timeline, time seems to move… differently than it used to. Days feel longer, years feel endless, there are three apocalypses apocalypsi? Especially this year, as bigger news outlets have started picking up on the Season Three buzz, it seemed that every other week some new story or casting news or panel was coming out from the actors and creators, and all that ramped up to what seems like hourly content — or, more accurately, hourly teasing from showrunner Emily Andras adding up to content.

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Waverly Dominique Provost-Chalkleywho reunited with her sister, split up with her long-time boyfriend, maybe, sort of married a skull, and went toe-to-toe with the Stone Witch in a matter of weeks, is now contending with her fair share of change, too. But perhaps the biggest change comes with her feelings for Officer Haught. Nicole Haught made it clear where her heart lies, but she also proved that when it comes to Waverly, shes patient and plenty willing to wait for her to work out her feelings in her own time.

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Canadian actor, creator and ally Katherine Barrell gets it. Forget about what hurts and focus on what makes you happy WayHaught KatBarrell pic. After all, the showrunner of "Wynonna Earp," Emily Andras, was an executive producer and writer on "Lost Girl," another Canadian supernatural drama with several queer storylines.

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Wynonna Earp Season 3 began airing July 20, The third season contains 12 episodes and airs on Syfy and Space Canada. In the final act of the premiere, Nicole dropped a major bombshell: she may be the only known survivor of the Cult of Bulshar. Syfy has renewed Wynonna Earp for Season 4.

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The show is helmed by former Lost Girl showrunner Emily Andraswho knows a thing or two about women smooching on the teevee, and who has gone further than any showrunner in history to assure fans the two queer women on her show will be treated with the respect they and we! While Wynonna Earp is broadly about the descendants of Wyatt Earp and the demon-fighting gun they were destined to wield, leaving the sisters Earp and the title heroine to solve mysteries and get into mystical mayhem week after week, the show at its core is about the people of Purgatory. This quick-witted, donut-loving, gorgeous as hell, reluctantly gunslinging badass will snark her way into your heart within the first ten minutes of the first episode.

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Show: Wynonna Earp. Character Status: Regular. Current LI: Female. Current Season: On Show.


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